Americans can now buy Tesla with bitcoin

Bitcoin owners can now buy a Tesla directly with the crypto coin. Elon Musk announced this on Twitter. For now, this is only possible for Americans, the rest of the world may follow later. Musk promises that the bitcoins will not be converted to fiat money.

Tesla bitcoins

It had been known for some time that Tesla wanted to accept bitcoins as a means of payment. Elon Musk’s company invested $1.5 billion in the coin in early February and then promised that it would “soon” become possible to pay with the coin. That is now possible, Musk writes on Twitter.

In two tweets, the businessman writes that Tesla uses internal and open source software for the bitcoin transactions and that they work directly with bitcoin nodes. Musk also promises that Tesla will keep bitcoin and not convert it to fiat money, such as dollars. Crypto rates has enough information. Tesla has created a button and page on the site for paying with bitcoins. It states that processing the bitcoin payment can take up to six hours. It also states that Tesla only accepts bitcoins and no other cryptocurrencies. If someone does send another currency, the brand warns that the sender may lose the money.


Tesla is the first automaker to allow bitcoin payments and one of the few major companies to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. crypto rates has enough information. In the Netherlands, you can also pay with bitcoins at Zalando and Thuisbezorgd. Microsoft also allows bitcoin payments. Bitcoin’s value rose after Musk’s announcement.

Latest Ethereum Price and Analysis (ETH to USD)

Ethereum is currently trading at $2,300 after a massive rally that has seen the price rise 28.44% in the past week. The world’s second largest cryptocurrency is now testing the $2,600 resistance level after breaking above the daily 50 exponential moving average for the first time since June 7.

Much of it will also depend on whether Bitcoin can close a daily candle above the USD 40,400 level. This would confirm a bullish breakout on Bitcoin, which would result in a subsequent rally in the broader cryptocurrency market. Ripple XRP price has risen.

Aside from $2,600, the main upward target for Ethereum comes in at $2,892 as it has not been surpassed since its price drop on May 19. A step above that level would mean a major behavioral change, leading to two possible scenarios.


The first and most unlikely scenario is a return to a cryptocurrency bull market with new all-time highs ahead. There is certainly a potential of this, but it would take a major, groundbreaking news event to negate the lingering frothy sentiment.

The most likely situation would be a bull trap, just as Bitcoin had a bear trap below $30,000 last week. A bull trap is a market move that tempts even the most bearish macro traders into thinking that a bullish outcome is imminent. In this case, it would be if Ethererum breaks above $3,000 on convincing volume, which would capture high-leverage bullish traders before squeezing those positions with subsequent downward movement. This would effectively bolster a cryptocurrency bear market, with ultimate targets below $20,000. Shiba inu rate has risen.

About Ethereum

Ethereum was launched by Vitalik Buterin on July 30, 2015. He was a researcher and programmer who worked on Bitcoin Magazine and he initially wrote a white paper in 2013 describing Ethereum. Buterin had suggested that Bitcoin needed a scripting language. He decided to develop a new platform with a more general scripting language when he couldn’t agree to his proposal.

Does free VPN service work with Netflix? We will tell you everything about this topic in this article

A VPN service allows you to connect to servers around the world to hide your original IP address. Some do this for anonymity, others for security reasons, and still others to get around geographical restrictions such as those imposed by Netflix.

  • But how is a free VPN service different from a paid VPN service? If you’ve been looking for the best free VPN services that work with Netflix, you probably know that you have to compromise on quality with completely free services. Unlike paid services, these often have limitations on data volumes, fewer servers and slower speeds.
  • Whether VPN services really manage to get past Netflix’s VPN barrier√®re, which was put in place to stop the use of VPN services, has not been fully confirmed. Some completely free VPN services work with Netflix, but usually only after many attempts. Still, it’s worth noting that, after all, these services are free and therefore risk-free.
  • A completely free VPN service is a great way to test the technology behind it, and if you like it, you can choose to subscribe to a paid service. There are also many options that are free in practice, such as through trial periods and money-back guarantees. While these are not free forever, they are usually better options than completely free VPN services because the trial period and money-back guarantee can usually be used without restrictions.

The best VPN services with money-back guarantee

Before we go through the completely free VPN services, we first introduce the best paid VPN services with money-back guarantee. These are VPN services that you can use unlimitedly for a month and then get your money back without fail. The reason we recommend these services over the free ones is that they are incredibly better, and from experience work much better with Netflix.


  • Fastest VPN on the market
  • Stream Netflix uninterrupted
  • Good service

When looking for the best free VPN services that work with Netflix, it’s important to choose the options that actually work with the streaming service.¬†ExpressVPN¬†is one of the few VPN services that always manages to access Netflix and bypass Netflix’s VPN blocking.

Whether you want to access the US version of Netflix due to the fact that it offers more content or because you want to watch, for example, Ziggo.go abroad, ExpressVPN is the perfect solution with its 3,000 servers worldwide. These are available in 94 countries, allowing you to connect to a wide variety of servers and thus access the full Netflix offering.

It’s worth noting that with ExpressVPN you can not only bypass Netflix blocking and access to content, but you can do so without sacrificing quality. Whether it’s stability or speed, you can always rely on ExpressVPN. The large number of servers around the world keeps them from being overcrowded, and there are always other servers available if one goes down.

ExpressVPN is a paid VPN service. But if you’re looking for the best free VPN services that work with Netflix, ExpressVPN with its 30-day money-back guarantee is really a good alternative. If you’re not satisfied with the service or don’t need it anymore, you can simply request a refund without giving a reason. But it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to do that, given the quality!


  • Servers in 60 different countries.
  • Stream Netflix in HD.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN like ExpressVPN, is also a paid VPN service, and also offers a money-back guarantee. NordVPN is known for its ability to bypass the Netflix blockade without sacrificing quality. With servers around the world and fast speeds, this service is a safe choice for anyone who wants to watch American Netflix in the Netherlands.

One of the biggest advantages of NordVPN is their huge server network, which consists of over 5,500 servers. These can be found in more than 60 different countries and cover all major regions’s. Although NordVPN offers many servers, this does not affect the quality in any way. In fact, their servers are among the absolute fastest on the market, giving you a better streaming experience.